It's your big day! You've planned for this, dreamed about it, prepared for it and then when it's all over, you sit down to watch the video…

Having worked as a videographer I've shot dozens of weddings and had an absolute blast doing it. I've learned a thing or two about what makes a wedding video great. There are things that I can do as a shooter and there are things you can do as a couple.

Act Natural. The most important thing that I tell all my clients is don't be camera shy! When I shoot I like to wander around the reception and capture little pieces of conversations here and there. I always keep an eye on the bride and groom and from time to time will try to sneak up on them and capture a nice moment. These always make great pieces in the final video except when the bride and groom freeze up the minute they see the camera. Of course it's natural to get stage fright, but if you see the camera pointing at you don't act like you've just been arrested and are trying to hide your face from the world, just keep doing what you're doing. As I like to tell people, act natural. Don't worry about looking bad. The last thing I want to do is include something in the video that's going to make my clients look stupid.

Talk to Your Videographer. Be sure to tell your videographer if there's something special you want included. I always keep an eye out for things that look special, but there might be something you've spent extra time on and you really, really, really want in the movie. Let your videographer know. I love to get input like that because it makes my job easier.

Talk to Your Coordinator. I can't tell you how many times I've been outside shooting a nice little interview with a bridesmaid and suddenly I'll have to rush back inside to get the cake cutting or the bouquet toss. Usually there's someone in charge of the timeline, sometimes it's an actual coordinator or caterer, sometimes the band leader, sometimes the DJ and sometimes the photographer. I always find that person and tell them before the reception to let me know when things are going to happen so I can be ready. But every once in a while they forget and I wind up scrambling. Talk to your coordinator, talk to whoever is calling the shots and tell them to make sure the videographer and the photographer are informed, there and ready when important events are going to happen. A word from you can work wonders. Remember, for tonight - you're the boss.

Point a Toe. I know this sounds crazy but it really does seem to work and it will help your still photos as well. All you have to do is extend one foot out slightly and point your toe. It causes all kinds of amazing things (lines, as we image people like to say) to happen to your body. Try it out, stand in front of a full-length mirror flat-footed and then point a toe. You just look better. And I'll bet you can't do it without smiling.

Talk to Each Other. Toward the end of the evening, I always ask the bride and groom to step outside and record a little message to themselves. It's always a nice moment and years from now it will be really nice to look back on and see what you thought at the time. But it can be hard to just look at the camera and say what you think, so the best way to do it is to tell your spouse. Pretend the camera isn't there and just talk to each other.