Emotions, reactions, interactions…there's no better way to capture and preserve it all than live footage. Your wedding videographer has the unique capability of documenting every moment of your special day as it unfolds. In theory, your wedding video is a priceless memento; in reality, it can cost anywhere from $500-$10,000 and beyond. With these simple tips, you can have memorable wedding footage without breaking your wedding budget.

Learn the Lingo
There is a lot more to videography than just "record," "fast-forward," and "rewind." A number of fancy editing techniques exist, such as animated titles, still shots, slow motion and dissolves. These techniques can be appealing, but will likely increase the price tag. Educate yourself and decide which editing techniques you want included in your videography package before getting carried away with all the belles and whistles. If you're on an extremely tight budget, select a straight shot package, which covers the event in its entirety with little or no editing.

Sound Check
Quality sound is a must - so know the different microphone options and their costs. Digital sound recorders attached directly to the bride and groom provide the best up-close sound, but because it is recorded onto a separate disk that must be synched with the footage, it will cost you more during the editing process. A professional videographer should have state-of-the-art equipment, in which case sticking with the single mic that is built into the recorder should suffice.

Be a One-Man Woman
If necessary, stick to one camera operator. Extra cameras will tack on $400 to $1000 a piece, which may not be the most efficient use of your budget. Most weddings are actually shot with one camera, so rest assured that a single operator will be able to capture the important moments.

Forget all the Footage
If you simply cannot forego some of the pricey sound and editing options (can't blame you), consider saving on time alone. Hire your videographer for the most important part of the day only - such as from the beginning of your ceremony until the first dance - and save on billing hours and editing fees.

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