You don't need to travel to Texas to have a western wedding. They can be held almost anywhere. The first thing you must do is decide on a location for your reception. An old country barn, a friend or relatives back yard, a local western bar, perhaps with a mechanical bull. Also consider state parks as they are wonderful locations to celebrate your marriage.

An open- bit barbecue with spicy western food will make the guests enjoy themselves. Add beans and potato salad to the menu. Serve the drinks directly from the bottle, which are housed in aluminum tubs covered with loads of crushed ice.

As for the music make sure the DJ or live band know how to play your favorite western music and plenty of it. Ask if any guest knows line dancing ~ maybe they would show others how to do it. Maybe some square dancing if there is a caller in attendance. And don't forget to play "Cotton-Eyed Joe" for the two-steppers! Request plenty of western songs!

The bride can wear white, laced up western boots, if she chooses. Her gown could be a lacy, Victorian gown to represent an old time western appearance. Plus carry a parasol. If she wants other western attire, she could wear a white blouse with a wide lacy collar with denim skirt or pants. You could also decorate a cowboy hat with lace or ribbons or a veil. The bridegroom could also wear a denim jeans, vest, bolo tie and cowboy boots.

The men could wear denim vests, bolo ties, denim jeans and cowboy boots and hats. You could also ask the guests to dress in western attire ~ no formal attire. Even the groom could wear a cowboy hat!

Have a western hoe-down and make it into a family affair ~ hayrides, horseshoes, hamburgs and hot dogs for the kids and grownups!. Square dancing, line dancing and lots of fun for everyone. Good Luck