It had been years since I attended a wedding, so I wondered if the use of technology in weddings would seem irreverent. As it turned out, I was thrilled with the way technology had nicely invaded the scene.

Granted, the wedding I attended in Colorado was a bit different. Only the groom's family lived nearby. It was never a surprise, though, that the bride had selected this location for her wedding festivities. The mountains were beautiful, and the ranch is where the couple met - when they were just young children.

Since so many guests had come from somewhere other than Colorado, and guests were all staying at the same dude ranch, the groom's parents invited us all to the rehearsal dinner.

Someone - the moms, most likely even though they had so many other things to do - had created CD's with pictures of the bride and groom from birth through the behind-the-scene festivities at the dude ranch. Music was added, and each of the fathers spoke with love, about the life of his child. Each one shared special moments of his child, as pictures flashed upon the screen, and music played softly in the background. The presentation was fantastic, and everyone in attendance laughed and cried at the appropriate moments. That night, as I settled down to sleep, I realized how big a role technology had played in our evening of fun.

At the wedding, there was evidence of technology as well. While guests arrived, those same pictures flashed upon the screen at the front of the church. When the music began, it was beautiful. The voices of the singers were perfect, of course. But technology played its part. Even the smallest of churches now usually have the best of sound systems. This one was no different, and having just the right mixture of music and vocals helped create a heavenly sound.

In between festivities, dude ranch guests visited the lounge, where they could check for new emails. Later at the reception, I noticed that many cell phones did not work well in the mountains. Still, it was fun to see guests and wedding party members taking pictures with their cell phones.

Just a few days after I was back at home and in front of my own computer, an email arrived informing me that I could view wedding pictures on the photographer's web site. I figured that there would be just a few pictures for friends and relatives to view there. Wrong! The site provided access to every photograph taken at the rehearsal dinner, while the bride and groom were getting ready, and at the wedding and reception. There were hundreds of pictures to view. And the photographer had even provided a way for friends and family to order pictures as they viewed.

I smiled as I realized how times had truly changed. But that was a good thing.