Take love to the outdoors! Why have a bunch of loved ones sit in a hot stuffy room when you can be out embracing the warm summer weather? This is where the garden party theme comes into play for your wedding ideas. Where can you have a garden party? A private park, a beautiful yacht club, or the yard of your own home. What does it take to pull off a successful garden party? Patience! Start planning your wedding decorations and preparations in advance. Who have you invited to the wedding? The young and elderly need a lot of shade on very hot days. Make sure that you have shady trees or large umbrellas to protect them from the hot sun. On that note, it's important to emphasize sunscreen for all! You want everyone to have wonderful stories to tell for years! Not stories of the most painful sunburn of 2006.

It's not very difficult to emphasize nature in a pastoral setting. Prepare tiki torches and electrical multi-colored lights if the party will extend into the late hours. Citronella candles will keep biting insects at bay while providing extra light.

Set up a Gazebo for foods and desserts. Everyone will form a line and serve themselves. Prepare garden salads, fruits, vegetables, floral cakes, and plenty of cold salads. Make sure you have plenty of chairs and tables for your guests to sit in. You can decorate the area with flowers pots, faux bumble bees, small summer statues that emit water, and ivy.

Play relaxing music throughout the day and pull out the real dancing music after supper. Encourage women to take of their high heels and have a good time. Encourage men to loosen their ties and live a little. You want everyone to have a great time in a lively atmosphere. Make sure your music is appropriate for everyone. While younger people like the popular hits on the radio, older people may enjoy a blast from the past. If you hire a DJ, make sure they do requests.

A garden theme party, is exactly as it sounds. It's a summer wedding that embraces life, nature, and everything beautiful in this world. Make sure you hold your party in a desirable safe location for children to wander and play free from harm. If there's a lake or pond, make sure that an older child never leaves little ones unattended. If everyone has a responsibility, your summer wedding party is sure to be a smash!