You don't have to be having a winter wedding in order to qualify for an Ice White Wedding Theme. In fact, ice white wedding themes are becoming more and more popular for brides all over the world, regardless of their wedding date.

So, what is an ice white wedding theme?

An ice white wedding theme naturally focuses around the colour white. This colour - along with ice blue and shots of silver - should form the basis of your wedding theme. Your dress will be white with a few pearl, iridescent or silver beads sewn onto its bodice. Anything with white feathers, white fluff and white fur are key to creating this look successfully too so a shoulder wrap or bolero will complete the bridal look perfectly.

Centrepieces would look great if created with ice. There are many ice sculptors out there who can make anything you require. Swans are always a good choice or entwined hearts. Another option is to use flowers as a centrepiece. Your florist will discuss ideas with you but generally speaking white roses, white lilies or any other white blooms will look perfect especially when intermingled with silver sprays and pure white feathers.

If your budget won't permit a stay in the Ice Hotel in Norway, then you need to bring the icy feel to your reception venue. The best way to achieve this is to cover tables with crisp white linen and cover chairs with either white, silver or pale blue chair covers. If your reception venue allows it, you could spray snow onto windows and dangle snowflakes from window frames. Cotton wool on windowsills will also give the venue an authentic feel. Scatter tables with snowflake confetti in white, silver and ice blue.

There is a great deal of choice when it comes to wedding favours. Snowflake bath confetti would be great for the ladies or ice blue organza bags filled with silver confectionery. Any chocolate favours always go down well with male, female and child guests and these could be encased in blue, white or silver favour boxes. Complete the feel of your favour boxes with white feathers or silver snowflake trims.

If finances permit, you could hire in a snow machine to create a really snowy feel outside the venue. This will give you some great photo opportunities from your ice white wedding theme.

When it comes to creating an ice white wedding theme, there are many ways that this can be achieved as outlined above. The main thing is that the stationery, table decorations, flowers and outfits all reflect this icy wintry theme and you can't go wrong.

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