Are you getting married in the Summer? This time of year has always been - and continues to be - a very popular time of year to get married. Generally speaking, the hope is that the weather will be fine and this time of year is the most likely time to bag a bit of sunshine.

Getting married in June is wonderful as you have the promise of warmer weather yet the freshness of the Spring close on your heels. This means that early morning photos when the mist is lingering are a must. Later in the day you are assured of clear skies and warm sunshine. Many brides opt for a bar-b-q or spit roast style wedding breakfast often in a marquee. Spoil your guests with summer style wedding favours and scatter tables with pink and yellow real rose petals.

July and August weddings are more likely to attract the warmest weather of the year. Ensure that this is considered when planning takes place. If you are planning an outdoor ceremony ensure there is a gazebo or canopy to shelter you and your guests from excessive sun. Cover exposed skin with sunscreen and ensure children's heads are covered. Best to stick to a light meal and ensure there is plenty of ice-cold water for guests. A light sorbet or fruit mousse would make great desserts as anything heavy will be too rich for your guests on a hot day.

When it comes to the brides dress, best to go for a lightweight fabric that you will be cool in. Even if you are not marrying in the middle of a heat wave, you will be hot with all the excitement of the day so go for a simple dress. It is probably sensible to have your hair put up too; it will stay neat and tidy on a hot day if it's up and it will also keep your neck cool.

September brides can enjoy all the benefits of those marrying in the height of the summer. Evenings are starting to draw in a little by September so you can enjoy the benefits of the cosy nights. Sunsets at this time of year are incredible, so try and use this to your advantage in photographs. Usually, the weather is still warm enough for a light bridal gown and summery style bridesmaid dresses will fit in brilliantly. Scatter tables with handfuls of summer rose petals and lay tables with bright floral arrangements.

Getting married in the summer is such a popular time to wed, so why not take advantage of this? If you know there is a wedding before yours at the same church, why not liase with the other bride on her flowers? This way, you could share the cost of expensive church pedestal arrangements!