Getting married in late winter, early Spring is the most perfect time of the year. This is because we associate this time with new life, new love and happiness.

February is the month most associated with romance and naturally lends itself to a Valentines style wedding. No doubt your theme will be teaming with romance and peppered with red roses and diamantes! Go for a romantic style dress with a fur shrug, as it can still be quite chilly in February. In fact, we often get snow at this time of the year, so consider your bridal transport carefully! To keep the day romantic, bridesmaid dresses can be 50's style prom dresses with coloured sashes around their waists. Have their hair tied in buns with pure white feathers that you could also introduce to floral arrangements to soften the red tones.

March is traditionally associated with Spring so you can confidently base your theme on this. Daffodils and tulips are perfect for this time of year and any spring like colours are guaranteed to be a big hit. As Easter is approaching you could give your guests mini Easter eggs as favours - how cute! Bridesmaid dresses will look fabulous in lemon yellows, lilacs, pale greens and baby pinks.

If you are planning to be an April bride, you are more likely to get some sunshine on your big day. The temperatures always start to creep up in April and plenty of fresh flowers are in bloom. Any light colours would be perfect for a wedding at this time of year but neutral tones, golds, creams, soft pinks and peaches are probably the best choices. You can pretty much have the pick of the bunch when it comes to seasonal flowers for this time of year too!

May marks the start of the wedding season and between now and September are always the most popular calendar dates for marriages. By May, the hope is that the weather is on the up and rain showers are few and far between. A spring shower is still a possibility though so the purchase of a light umbrella might not be a bad idea. Bridal gowns for this time of year may be slightly lighter and made from softer fabrics. Off the shoulder gowns and sleeveless dresses are perfectly acceptable for May brides.

Whichever spring month you choose to marry in, you are guaranteed to have a romantic wedding filled with much hopefulness and a bright future together. As Spring is associated with new life and love, this truly is an ideal time to say your vows.