Not your usual traditional bride? If your idea of a wedding is a great time for everyone to enjoy, then why don't you think about having a country style wedding theme? Take your inspiration from cowboys, cowgirls and American ranches!

Sound like fun? Then read on…

The Wild West is often interpreted as a very male environment, but anyone who has seen Jessica Simpson in cowboy boots will know different. Your western style themed wedding can be every inch girlie and sexy.

The first thing to consider is the location of your wedding. A western themed wedding party is not suited to your usual reception venue. A farm barn would be ideal or a large marquee pitched in a field or large garden. Once this is sorted you need to give your venue an authentic western feel. Bales of hay scattered around the edges for people to sit on will be an absolute must. Equally, a few wagon wheels dotted around will give guests a feel of the Wild West. To liven up the walls, why not have black and white wanted posters of the wedding party scattered about?

Table plans and seating arrangements When preparing table plans, decorate your overall plan with cowboy boots and wagon wheels. This theme can then be followed on your place cards. A fabulous touch would be to name each table after a famous cowboy rather than assigning tables with a number.

Lay tables with red and white check table linen and go for tankards rather than straight glasses. Some caterers can even serve beers and ales direct from a visible barrel - if this is an option, take it as it will add to the authenticity of the day.

When it comes to favouring your guests, mini bottles of whiskey would be a welcome touch for the male guests whereas fruit country wines will go down well with the female guests. Give kiddies wagon wheels as favours or cowboy boot chocolates in co-ordinating organza bags.

Of course, your table stationery naturally will follow from your invitations. To give guests a taste of what's to come, these should give a suggestion of your Wild West themed wedding. This can be conveyed in the font style, the material of the card and the design style. If you are having wagon wheels images on your table stationery then these should feature on your invitations too. Invitations that have a black and white or a sepia hue are also very in keeping for this wedding theme.

The highlight of the day will of course be the evening entertainment. A live band would be a great idea or a DJ who is happy to play Dolly Parton, Kenny Rogers, Billy Ray Sirus etc. Get your bridal party together to discuss a play list that will encourage even the quietest of cowgirls to cut a rug! You could arrange a choreographer to attend your rehearsal dinner so that a few small routines can be ready prepared. If it's kept simple, the other guests can easily join in. A few ‘yee-ha's" are a must too!

Spit roasts and bar-b-cues are to be expected for your wedding breakfast. Roast chicken pieces served with French fries would also be great. Lay tables with side dishes of corn-on-the-cob, chunky coleslaw and Barbecue flavoured baked beans. Hot dogs with lashings of mustard would be an ideal supper for the children. Finish the meal off with a country dessert such as a fruit crumble with custard or a Deep South Alabama Soft Rock Pie - yummy!

Having a Wild West themed wedding is a sure fire way of having a fantastic party. Guests are guaranteed to let their hair down and enjoy themselves because the occasion is casual. Traditional weddings can make guests feel a little uncomfortable and a bit on edge whereas a country style barn dance will make everyone feel at ease and comfortable. So, if you want your wedding talked about for years to come, then go for a country style cowboy wedding theme and you'll be glad you did!