When you first start planning your wedding, you may have clear ideas on your colour schemes and the theme of your wedding. Or you may not have a clue where to start!

In the latter case, sit down with your partner and anyone else who is heavily involved in the planning of the wedding and discuss your ideas. Create a moodboard by ripping photographs out of wedding magazines or interior design magazines and pinning on pieces of fabric. You can use this moodboard later when visiting potential suppliers to convey your ideas in a visual way. The following ideas may help you pick a theme for your wedding.

Time of Year

When are you planning on having your wedding? A summer wedding may suit pastel colours or a summery beach theme whereas a winter wedding would suit rich colours and twinkly lights. You may have a favourite time of year such as Easter where you can base your ideas on all things Easter related!


Where and how did you get engaged? You could use ideas from your engagement to influence the theme of your wedding. If you were engaged at a famous landmark such as the London Eye or The Eiffel Tower, you could name your tables after famous places or cities and use a picture of the proposal venue on your wedding stationery. Or, you could use a photograph or painting of your engagement ring(s) for your wedding invitations and give away jelly rings as favours!


As a couple, you may have a favourite holiday destination or have recently been on a memorable holiday. You may choose to base your wedding around an overseas theme, you could use shells and pebbles in your table decorations and wear lighter, less formal attire. You could even have a cake in the shape of an island or a stack of suitcases!


Do you want your wedding to be formal or informal? Is your reception going to be in a stately home or a village hall? Are you having a 4 course sit down meal or a finger buffet? These and other decisions will all influence the ‘feel' of your wedding. The first glimpse of your wedding that the guests will receive is your wedding invitation or save the date card and this will often set the tone for the wedding. For a formal wedding, you may choose a simple design, maybe with your initials and a simple satin ribbon tied in a bow along the spine of the card whereas with an informal wedding, you may go for something more fun and funky!


Are you having a traditional wedding or are you breaking the mould? A traditional wedding may include champagne and canapés and a receiving line whereas a more modern approach may have chocolate fountains and magicians!

The Venue

The venue may influence your wedding theme. A wedding that takes place in a castle could have a historical feel to it or a wedding in a seaside resort might have a tropical feel.


You may have favourite flower, for example roses, gerberas or lillies and wish to base your wedding around that. You could use a picture on your wedding stationery and use them in your bouquet, buttonholes and wedding decorations. You could even name your tables after different types of that flower e.g. calla, stargazer lilies.

Favourite things/pastimes

You may have a favourite past-time as a couple, e.g. sports, music, fairgrounds or cars that you could use as a theme to your wedding.

Alternatively, you may both have a favourite thing, leaves, butterflies, hearts, snowflakes that you could base your ideas on.

The Dress

The dress may influence the theme of your wedding, for example the colour, a bow, a detail, lace, vintage style and so on. The bridesmaids dresses may also influence the theme of the wedding, for example if you choose shorter length funky 50's dresses, the wedding is going to appear less formal. You could also base your wedding around a 50's theme in this scenario.

These are just a few ideas that may help you choose a theme for your wedding. Maybe match one or two ideas to create a day that is completely unique to you as a couple. Enjoy planning your wedding.