Autumn weddings are an excellent choice for individuals to whom financial resources are limited and even better for whom resources are not limited. You see, the peak of wedding season tends to run from approximately May through September, so if you plan your wedding for a date outside this time frame you have a better chance of getting a better price from the wedding professionals you hire (not to mention hotel prices). Indeed, with an autumn wedding you will even have a better opportunity to get your first choice of wedding professionals, which might mean better wedding flowers or a more spectacular wedding cake than you would have otherwise been able to afford.

Likewise, the autumn wedding season itself presents an excellent opportunity to celebrate your marriage and your new life as husband and wife. With the craziness of summer behind you the fall season brings with it new opportunities for gathering friends and family together for a wedding celebration that you will remember for many years to come.

Furthermore, an autumn wedding not only looks and feels different from your run of the mill June wedding, but because the very differences of an autumn wedding have the potential to make your wedding party spectacular. The rich yet understated colors of autumn, for example, give the florist the opportunity to create the warm, inviting, and even elegant wedding atmosphere that every bride dreams of. Imagine the beauty of crystal in front of a roaring fire or flickering candlelight framed in the rich colors of fall as you and your new husband celebrate your new marriage.

Speaking of candles, don't forget to include your unity candle in the theme by choosing a candle with actual fall blossoms that have been dried and pressed into the candle. If you are so inclined, this can be a great do-it-yourself project but such unity candles are also available premade for you if you so choose.

The nip in the fall air means plush materials such as velvets, felted fabrics, and furs (synthetic or real) will be welcomed by the eye even if no one ever touches it. These materials speak of warmth, and warmth is inviting when the air is getting colder as we move toward winter - not to mention how much more comfortable your new husband will be in his tuxedo than he would be in the heat of summer.

Fall centerpieces are not limited to displays of fruits, vegetables, and foliage - though many beautiful wedding reception centerpieces have been built from such and are often available to you at little or no cost. A single candle in a wine glass with a wine charm on the base makes a simple yet tasteful centerpiece for a fall wedding. Or choose a taller gel candle with a smaller bouquet of your wedding flowers to surround it.

Serve hot spiced wine and hot apple cider to continue the autumn theme for your wedding and reflect the warmth of love you feel for your guests that have chosen to celebrate your wedding with you. You might choose a fall run Chinook or King Salmon for the main course of your fall wedding reception dinner with baked apples for desert - or some food selection that says autumn in your particular corner of the country.

Of course, autumn suggests numerous possibilities for your choice in wedding favors. Leaf designs on coasters or candles are popular, as are cookies in the shape of leaves. Specially packaged hot Cocoa mix is a particularly welcome treat, especially for the children. For the adults, perhaps soap petals, bubble bath, or bath salts since there are few things more welcome on a chilly fall day than a hot bath.

Of course we can't forget one of the greatest benefits of a fall wedding: Simply put, an autumn wedding is an outstanding choice because the coming of cooler weather means more opportunities for snuggling with your new husband!