1. You are with your family and friends. Relax and have fun with the wedding toast speech

2. Come prepared. Never make something up on the spot! Even the very best of speakers write and prepare their speeches and so should you!

3. Write the wedding speech 2-4 weeks prior to the happy wedding event

4. It you are unsure of your writing abilities contact a wedding speech writer. There are lots of willing writers. You can often find their adds in the local papers. Make sure you give the writer some personal elements to add in the speech.

5. If you are one of the parents of the bride/groom you might want to mentions your remembering`s from the birth, childhood events, your son or daughters special sports and hobbies, the feelings for his/her spouse and last your future hopes for the couple and family.

6. Being the Best man it is common to mention events from your friendship and how you became friends with the groom. Your first meeting with the bride would also be interesting to mention. Finally you add some thoughts about the couples future.

7. The bride and groom often start the speech with their first meeting story. Then it is common to thank their parents in laws and all the attending guests. In the end the bride and groom declare their love for one another and add their thoughts and hopes for their future.

8. Rehearse till you know the speech wordings by heart. You probably will not know it by heart at the wedding - nervousness makes strange things to a person…Don't worry about it as long as the speech floats naturally. The prior rehearsing will help you.

9. According to normal wedding etiquette the father of the bride make the first speech. After him the groom make a wedding speech. The best man sums the whole thing up with the final wedding speech. Other speeches can be but in between.

10. This is the suggested official wedding toast speech list. Still remember that you don't HAVE to follow it. Do what you find best for your wedding.