Adding a bit of humor to a wedding speech is a great thing to do to change things up a little bit while letting the bride and groom know that you are excited for them. Funny wedding speeches are a great way to liven up what can be a very sappy, and overly emotional part of any wedding reception. Wedding toast humor is also for those that feel as though they just can't get sappy and sentimental in front of a room of other people.

A truly funny wedding speech is a hard art to master but in this article I'm going to give you some tips so you can write a funny wedding speech no one will forget in a hurry, so let's get started!

Tip 1 - Know your audience

This is really important. A joke that is funny to a 20 year old person might not be funny to a 70 year old person. Also, if you know there are people in the audience (and the bride and groom) who don't like profanity or sexual talk, don't say anything to offend them! You don't want to be known as the man who insulted half the wedding party. Know your audience, think about who is coming and what sensitivities they have.

Tip 2 - Stay away from inside jokes

Just because you and the groom think a joke is funny, doesn't mean every one else will get it. Try and stick with jokes that every one will understand and that they find some what funny. There is nothing worse then half your audience laughing and the other half thinking you're weird.

Tip 3 - Re live a funny moment

Re living a funny moment that you had with either the bride or groom is a good idea as long as it will be funny to every one. Again, no inside jokes like "hey Phil, remember that time when you know what happened to you know who?" That won't make sense to most people. Re live a funny moment in both of your lives that every one will find amusing.

Tip 4 - Use a funny one liner

A funny one liner joke is a good way to start a speech or end it. Again, knowing your audience is important but here are two of my favorite one liner jokes for wedding speeches.

"To our wives and lovers, let's hope they never meet" and
"It's not too late to leave now (insert brides name) the gifts are refundable!"