Performing a Wedding Speech in front of hundreds of people can be almost unbearable. To some, it may seem almost second nature but to others this act is almost the most extreme torture. It makes no difference if you know everyone in the room or you are unfamiliar with everyone, this stressful situation is enough to make the strongest of men and women loose many a nights sleep dreading having to do this.

Here are some effective free wedding speech tips to help you settle those rampaging nerves:

Keep it Short:

If you are not comfortable in this type of situation then why make it painful for everyone. Do not try to compare yourself to those professional sounding speakers that share for 20 minutes and has the crowd roaring with laughter at one minute and the next every eye in the room flowing with tears. These people either have lots of practice at this or are just naturally comfortable in front of others. The majority of time however, long speeches are painful, so keep it 5 minutes max and if it is less then that fine.

Watch the Humor:

Are you good at telling jokes? If the answer is no then chances are you want to keep them out of your wedding speech. Everyone wants to be the life of the party and it is great to make others laugh but so often someone will stumble through a joke, often saying the punch line by mistake right away and if lucky will get one or two pity laughs from a family member. If however you are good at telling jokes, then go for it but please, keep it clean and do not in any way think that offending people is just good clean fun.. it is not!

Welcome People:

This is especially important for the groom. When making a speech it is extremely wise to express sincere gratitude for your new inlaws. Tell them in a sincere and clean way how wonderful they have done with their daughter, how much you respect them for who and what they are and use this opportunity to get in their good books.

Complement Others:

Personalize your speech by mentioning the names of every person in the wedding party and saying one nice thing about each of them. People love to be complimented and this works well, especially focus on the bride and groom. If this is the groom making the wedding speech then mention specifically how amazing your new bride looks.

Stand Up Straight:

Unless you have a disability that deems this necessary, while delivering your wedding speech, do not sit, lean or crouch while delivering it. Stand tall, straight and proud and deliver your speech with enthusiasm and show that you take this event very serious and are very proud that you have the opportunity to share.

The most important free wedding speech tip I can offer is this: Be Prepared

Do not in anyway take this free wedding speech tip lightly and think that you can just wing this and it will be a hit. Do not be lazy and do not be inconsiderate of others. By simply winging it you are insulting everyone in the wedding because you are showing that you really do not care about this and your time is way too important to bother wasting it in preparation for a speech. Write your speech out and rehearse it. The better you know your wedding speech by heart, the better you will do and the added advantage of that is you will virtually eliminate your stress. You will know in advance you have a great wedding speech.