Being the best man is a great honor because it means that your friend or brother would not want anyone else beside him when he marries the woman that he loves. Other than throwing a bachelor party and keeping the ring on the big day, many best men feel as though they don't have a whole lot of responsibility, but they do! Best man wedding speeches are often quite flaky and could use a whole lot of work, but planning a great bachelor party took priority and unfortunately the speech is thrown together at the last moment for some. But, it doesn't need to be this way! As the best man, you can give a best man wedding speech that will impress everyone at the reception!

First, plan ahead. As soon as you know that your buddy is getting married you should consider what type of speech you will give. Other than the father of the bride, the best man is typically the person that gives a speech first, so you want it to be something that will mean something to you, to the bride and groom, and will grab the attention of the other reception guests.

Start Off Strong

Congratulate both the bride and groom on finally tying the knot. If you don't know the bride all that well ensure her that you would like to get to know her much better, but you know she must be great if your friend chose her out of all the women in the world. Thank the couple for making you part of their day. This seems like a generic opening, but it will surprise everyone since you won't be stammering and at a loss for words like many best men are!

Keep It Going

After you've gotten the attention of everyone you are free to relate a funny story from the bachelor party such as your friend going on and on about how beautiful his bride is when the guys all thought they would be reminiscing about the past or something else that is appropriate for all of the wedding guests to hear.

Passing the Microphone

When you are done relating your story be sure to congratulate the bride and groom again and wish them luck in their new marriage. Tell them that they are an inspiration to you, if they are. If you are going to say anything mushy or emotional, now is the time to do it.

While some best men think that best man wedding speeches don't need any forethought or preparation, the best ones have both. You have been chosen as the best man because the groom thought you were just that, the best man for the job. So, don't just plan a great party and hold onto the ring for the groom, give him and the bride a speech that everyone will remember.