Best Man Toasts

A duty that a best man has to perform is a best mans toast. All Best man toasts are a daunting and somewhat nerve wracking prospect as he is stood there in front of what can often be easily hundreds of people. Although it's classed as a tradition and an almost requisite part of any wedding day, it's also a gift from you to the bride and groom that has longevity value so it's important to get it right and not get stage fright or become so nervous talking becomes a problem. I was once at a wedding where the best man froze after just a couple of sentences and never recovered. It was a real anti-climax to what should have been a special moment.

Prior to best man toasts, it should be practiced and recited numerous times so that it is all on auto-pilot when the big day arrives. You will find that practicing in front of the mirror or recording yourself and playing back are two great ways to prepare and iron out any rough spots. Concentrate on speaking clearly and not too quickly.

During this toast the best man needs to diligently convey what he feels about the groom and the bride, whilst also putting it across in a manner that the rest of his audience will also understand and appreciate. It's not enough to raise a glass, say "Cheers" and return to your seat. If only it was that easy. As the best mans speech is an important occasion on the wedding day, it's often recorded to reminisce and reflect back on in the future, so it's important that best man toasts are well polished and will stand the test of time without too many blunders.

Traditionally you will start best man toasts by tapping your glass. You will also want to read out any relevant letters addressed to the bride and groom, as well as give a special mention to any departed close friends or family. Some wit and light humor that doesn't get personal is often a winner and puts everyone in the right mood if it's entertaining. Most people do expect a couple of well chosen humorous reflections on the best mans antics in the past - just make sure that it isn't something the bride will object to or find shocking. There is nothing worse than a joke that goes down like a lead balloon.

When the speech is at an end you should raise a glass to the bride and groom and encourage all the people attending in the audience to join in a toast to the newly wedded couple. The more simple you keep it , the better, so wish them all the best and watch everyone else follow suit at your best mans toast. After this is done, it's mission accomplished and you can finally relax.