The wise saying goes, "The ring is round…and my love for you will never end!"

A good feeling accompanies the present that you give to anyone. The bridegroom's present to the bride has lots of significance attached to it. They are not only presents, they are commitments!

Taken in this context, wedding bands and engagements rings are very special! They are more than symbolic items of jewelry. These are repository of life long commitment to love and trust.

Your sweet emotions and untold goodwill is involved in these presents. In fact, they are the secret barometers of love, commitment, fidelity and eternity.

The History of Wedding Bands goes back to the 15th century.

The royal and the affluent people needed some thing to exhibit their wealth during the wedding ceremony. Golden rings encased with precious stones became order of the day, during such important ceremonies like engagement and wedding. Gradually, it turned out to be a social custom.

Why the gift of ring only? Why not a pendant?

Deep, touchy emotions are involved in this exchange of gifts. The word eternal gets the respect of the throne in these moments of human bond! It is eternal love, eternal happiness, eternal unfailing commitment and eternal togetherness. Rings take the honor because rings signify eternity. It is twice-blessed. It blesses the giver, it blesses the recipient!

The ring is a circle, it has no break. It is without the end or the beginning. It is eternal. Eternal things are immutable and indestructible.

And do you know the direct route to the heart…the Grand-trunk road…the royal highway to the kingdom of love? It is the fourth finger of your left hand. It is believed that it has a vein that leads directly to the heart. Therefore, both engagement and wedding rings are worn on this particular finger. The finger is thus the shortcut to her heart.

You can not think of a wedding without the wedding ring in any part on this planet thus!

Thank you, whosoever you are, for having discovered this direct route to the heart through the fourth finger!

And thank you for discovering only one route!