When a couple chooses a wedding ring, it is a reflection both of their taste and of their personality. Hammered wedding rings are one of the most popular choices for engaged couples.

Their durability, unique style and design, and quality finish entices the couple that is looking for a different way to express their love.

Hammered wedding bands are offered in every metal, though they are most often purchased in gold. If you are someone who could be considered "hard on things," or "always on the go," this type of ring is for you. The types of scratches a person incurs from day-to-day activity do not show up on a hammered wedding band. The beauty of a ring with indentations and curvature is that it continues to retain its luster for all the years to come. With the amount of work, errands, and general chaos of everyday life, a hammered wedding band is an intelligent choice because it can withstand the test of time.

It is also a beautiful ring, and one you can cherish for its simplicity and subtle design. A popular choice is white gold for the hammered wedding band ring, although two-tone and yellow gold are sold as well. Some jewelers now even offer the hammered wedding band in titanium.

Most hammered wedding band rings start at approx. $300 to $325 online and retail for approx. $500-$600 on average. With gold prices on the rise, an online jeweler may be an excellent resource for discount prices, while still getting quality jewelry.