Diamond bands are a very popular option right now for weddings. Diamond bands are fancier than your typical gold bands, but there are several things you need to be aware of before you decide to go with a diamond band instead of the solid gold band.

There are several different styles to choose from when selecting your diamond band. You can get a diamond band with the diamonds going partially around the band. This choice is usually a little less expensive. The other option is to get a diamond band with diamonds going all the way around the entire band. These are typically much more expensive than the partial diamond band.

The one downfall to this type of wedding band is that they can't be resized. A diamond band where the diamonds don't go all the way around can be resized. So if you think that your ring size may change, you may want to consider a diamond band where the diamonds don't go all the way around.

There are many choices for the style and cost for a wedding diamond band. As in any ring with diamonds, the size, color, and clarity all affect the final price of your ring. The cut of the diamond will affect the price as well. A very popular style of diamond band right now is the princess cut diamond in a channel set. This is a band with a channel in the center that goes all the way around the band. The diamonds are cut in a square or rectangle shape and set in the channel. White gold adds to the shine and glitter of this diamond band.

One more consideration with diamond wedding bands is that they need to be checked regularly by a jeweler to check for loose stones. If a stone gets loose, it is imperative to have it tightened immediately. If a stone gets loose and happens to fall out, it could start a chain reaction with all the stones falling out! With a gold band, you can wear it without thinking about it. You may want to get your gold band cleaned occasionally, but there is very little maintenance involved with it compared to the diamond band.