Celtic wedding rings are beautifully symbolic, and are completely appropriate to wear whether one has Celtic roots or not. Knot work designs are physical representation of the weaving together of two lives into one mysterious circle, which in itself is symbolic of a balanced, committed relationship.

It's practically impossible to find Celtic rings at local jewelry stores, and having them custom made can be cost prohibitive. When searching online, consider these two suggestions.
First, choose the style based on the quality of the design. For example, some patterns are about harmonious flow, while others suggest peaks and valleys. The meaning, which should be on the website, should match the nature of your relationship. The ring should have knot work that is clean and well defined. It should be available in 14K, 18K, platinum or some bi-metal, gold/silver or gold/platinum combination. Real jewelry designers can customize the pieces with diamonds or other precious gemstones.

Second, the company must have a proven track record with dozens of testimonials, a Better Business Bureau rating or something similar, and if possible, a brick and mortar location. The ring should be returnable and sizable. Workmanship must be guaranteed. Deal with companies from your own country with strong customer service. When ordering, you should be able to easily speak with someone.

The most important thing is that the rings should be beautiful, unique, and resonate with your own profound, sacred connection and commitment to your newly betrothed.