Thinking about A Spanish Wedding Theme for your wedding reception? Here is a delicious menu that can be cooked up in advance and is oh so good!

A Spanish themed wedding menu of savory spinach empanadillas, a tapas table of almonds, olives, and marinated cheese, a hearty main entree of chicken and seafood paella, a mixed green salad with peppered oranges, fresh strawberries, and candied almonds, rustic breads with flavorful infused oils, hand blown pitchers and goblets full of sangria, and Orange Kiss Me Wedding Cake with white divinity icing make for a simply delightful wedding reception.

It is true! You could cook up most of this menu in advance and save a bundle on the cost of your reception!

Savory Spinach Empanadillas

Savory Spinach Empanadillas are delightful pastry pockets that can be prepared and frozen in advance.

A Tapas Table of Almonds, Olives, and Marinated Cheese

A simple, yet delicious Tapas Table of Almonds, Olives, and Marinated Cheese is a breeze to prepare.

Chicken and Seafood Paella

Chicken and Seafood Paella can be cooked up a month or two before the wedding and frozen in airtight ziplock storage bags. With a few special touches added just before serving, your guests will think you were up cooking all night!

Mixed Green Salad with Peppered Oranges, Fresh Strawberries and Candied Almonds

Mixed Green Salad with Peppered Oranges, Fresh Strawberries and Candied Almonds is a quick fix salad that can be assembled in no time!

Rustic Bakery Breads with Flavorful Infused Oils

If you are not into baking your own breads, then just order the breads from a good bakery and have a friend or family member pick up the bread on the morning of the wedding.


Orange Kiss Me Wedding Cake with White Divinity Frosting

A delicious, easy recipe you can easily bake up yourself.

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