If you are planning a reception there are some words which you need to know the meaning of:

1. American Plate Service ~ Food is arranged on plates by the caterer in the kitchen and then served to the seated guests.

2.Cocktail - Buffet ~ The guests walk around amongst themselves. The d'oeuvres are served or are situated on a stationary table and the guests help themselves.

3. Dinner by the Bite/Grazing ~ Mini portions or salad-sized plates of various foods are served from different locations positioned through the reception room. (This can also include cups of soup, casseroles or risottos) In this way the guests can enjoy samples of food throughout the entire reception.

4. Edible Flowers ~ Roses, pansies, and violets can add delicate flavor and appearance to salads, cakes, beverages.

5. English Service ~ This is a buffet where food is set out on a table and the guests can help themselves to whatever they wish to eat.

6. Ethnic Cuisine ~ Couples select foods linked to their heritage ~ (e.g. Japanese - sushi and sake, English or Irish - a fruitcake ~ French - a tall cone of carmel -coated cream puffs ~ African-American - fried plantains plus baked cheese grits.

7. Food Stations ~ Individual buffet tables that offer everything from crepes and sushi to omelets, shellfish, enchiladas, or mashed potatoes

8. Service a la Russe ~ Waiters serve from the platters at the table.

9. Viennese Table ~ Great dessert buffet which can include napoleons, mousses, petit fours, creme brulee, tarts, fruits and ice cream.

I hope this glossary helps when you start thinking about your reception meal. Didn't know there were so many different types ~ Right?

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Well, that's all for today.