Enjoy the spectacular beauty of the skyline at sunset. What a way to wow your guests! Celebrate your wedding with something a little different- try a Toronto harbour cruise for your wedding reception. You can enjoy fine dining, entertainment and dance under the stars on a private boat. and a harbour cruise is top of the list for discerning brides and their grooms.

Catering is usually available with most wedding packages. You will be able to choose from an assortment of food menus for your guests. The quality and presentation of the food served at your wedding reception aboard a harbour cruise will rival any wedding hall or hotel. In almost all wedding packages you can co-ordinate your wedding colours and wedding linens to personalize your look. Of course wedding flowers will polish off the presentation and come with all-inclusive wedding packages. The harbour cruise wedding planner will work with you to make sure your reception is flawless.

One of thing that distinguishes a harbour cruise reception from an ordinary hall is privacy. At traditional halls and hotels you are more often than not sharing the space with one or more functions. You may hear loud thumping music on the other side of the wall during your speeches and guests will converge on each other in public areas. Hotel staff can be stretched on a busy night and you may find the service lacking. They are there to make sure you and your guests are given the best of care. A harbour cruise offers the privacy you just can't get at a banquet hall or hotel.

You will be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a harbour cruise can be. Most cruise companies will have several sizes of boats available and can accommodate small gatherings or a large crowd at almost any budget. You will find the cost of a wedding reception on a harbour cruise to be no more expense and at times less than a wedding reception at a hall or hotel. Talk to a the wedding planner that works with the cruise company about your budget and all your needs- they will do their best to accommodate your requests.

A harbour cruise works with any style of wedding; whether it is a casual and intimate party or formal elegant affair a harbour cruise will complement any bride's wedding day. Wedding planners- working with major harbour cruise companies- will help you with all your planning. If your harbour cruise company offers a wedding package- and most do- you will find all the details such a linens, tableware, china , DJ and catering taken care of for you. They are true wedding professionals and will help you pull off your reception without a hitch. And against the city backdrop and shimmering waters you can be sure your night will be memorable for everyone.

A harbour cruise is a romantic and beautiful way to celebrate your wedding with your friends and family. Major North American cities, such as Vancouver, New York , Boston and Toronto - offer wedding harbour cruises and often will have special wedding packages tailor made for weddings. In almost all cases you will have a variety of scenic routes to choose from- imagine the beauty and romance of a sparkling skyline as you and your guests are escorted along the shore line in your private boat. Just imagine drinking champagne surrounded by your friends and family- looking out at a gorgeous sunset or spectacular night sky.

If you are looking for a wedding reception that is a little bit different; a night that is romantic and one that you and your guests will find memorable; and affordable alternative to a hotel or wedding hall and want the peace of mind a wedding planner can bring- consider booking a Harbour Cruise for your wedding reception. You and your guests will not be disappointed by this romantic and breathtaking alternative to the traditional wedding reception.