The banquet room is immaculately set. The flowers adorn every table. You splurged and spend the extra to have the white chair covers. The appetizers are passed as guests mingle with drinks in hand. The music softly plays in the background, setting the perfect tone. But wait, the lights in the facility are on so bright that they drown out the candle light. Lighting can ruin the stage - at the wrong level or cued at the wrong time.

Lighting can add or detract from your wedding reception. The banquet staff runs around and has little care for lighting. Asking them to dim the lights once dancing starts is like pulling teeth - most of the time they just don't want to be bothered. How important is lighting? Fill the dance floor and then go turn the lights on full bright and see what happens. The dance floor clears and people are slow to come out and dance. Dim the lights again and the dance floor energy builds once again at your wedding reception.

Imagine an event where there is a dedicated person responsible for setting the theatrical stage with light. The lights dim at exactly the right time. The room changes from blue to pink as the bride and groom enter. A spot light follows them as they walk towards the dance floor for their first dance. The entire room pulsates with changing lights and patterns when your guests are filling the dance floor. Green laser beams arc across the room. Look up; the ceiling is filled with stars from a gobo projector as the night sky is portrayed above your heads. You are dancing beneath the stars at your wedding reception.

Your wedding reception disc jockey and lighting specialist can create not only the perfect soundtrack, but can set the stage for a spectacular visual experience as well with today's high-tech lighting options. Flood lights, computer controlled luminaries, gobo projectors and LED color wash lights can make this happen at your wedding reception.