Brides want as entertaining and classy of a reception as possible; there are many things that go into making the perfect reception; the right music, the right food, the right toast…

A (by no-means exhaustive) list of things to consider for your reception is as follows:

• Musical choices can make or break a reception - for example, do you really want to hear "The Chicken Dance" and "The Electric Slide" at your reception? Because…you really don't have to unless you just like those songs. If given completely free reign, a DJ may end up embarrassing you; let your musical preferences be known with complete clarity, and even go so far as to prepare approved and unapproved play lists for total control.

• (This technically could happen before your reception, but it would really ruin the reception if it did.) It is not unheard of for a bride (or groom) to end up with a grain of rice lodged in an ear during the ceremonial rice-throwing at the end of the nuptials. A better and safer variation on this traditional custom is to consider the use of small jars of bubble solution that can be blown at the running couple, or perhaps small bags of bird seed. The potential for injury to the newlyweds is much lower with these alternate solutions.

• What types (and quantities) of alcohol will be served? A safe transportation option that's worth considering for your guests is the provision of vehicles for safe rides home; this would allow the guests to be more relaxed about their alcohol consumption without having to worry about arriving at home in one piece.

• Consider unique wedding favors that will really leave a lasting impression on your guests; personalized favors are a great way to add a custom touch to the proceedings of your special day, and providing guests with a classy gift they can take home and remember you with is just one of the ways you can make your day a pleasant memory for all involved.

• Don't forget the food! The food you serve is perhaps the most important memory your guests will take away that will make or break their perception of your reception. Make sure you serve the best food you can within your budget. Also, remember to take into account your guests special dietary concerns such as allergies and vegetarians.

The wedding is important but the wedding reception is what people will remember most about your special day.