Candles, candles everywhere ............. so make sure someone from the Reception Venue is on hand at all times - just in case! Ensure they know that candles will be featuring as part of your dressing in the room.

Candles are just so amazing, affordable & can completely transform a venue from being 'nice' to 'extraordinary'.

Below are some suggestions to get those imaginative juices flowing:-

Floating Candles In Tall Vases

Tall glass vases filled with clear or coloured water (depending on your theme) & floating candles make dramatic centerpieces yet are simple to assemble and can be adapted in several ways to suit your needs. So, what do you do?

1. Line up the vases in a row. Alternate taller vases with shorter ones and fill each with water to the same level.
2. Add about 6 drops of food colouring to one vase to tint the water. Stir to mix, and add more drops as you feel are necessary to intensify the colour. Use the same number of drops for each vase!
3. Float a candle in each vase and light them just before the reception begins.

Normally, the phrase goes 'less is more' but not when it comes to candles!!

For a nautical theme why not try out our Seashell Votives?

1. Calculate the number of glass tumblers that you are going to need to decorate the reception venue and this in turn will number the amount of shells that you'll need to collect or buy.
2. If you're using shells from a beach be sure to clean them i.e. Soak them with a cup of chlorinated bleach diluted in a bucket of tap water, rinse well and let them dry (preferably in the sun). When dry, brush off any remaining debris.
3. Remember to remove stickers i.e. price from the base of the tumblers and quarter fill with sand and / or pebbles.
4. Nestle a candle in the sand or pebbles & scatter seashells around the candle's base.

So simple and very effective.