Planning: Choosing your Reception Site

Before you book the caterer and decide on a menu, the first decision you need to make is where to have your reception. Here are some things you should consider first!

DATE - Before you get set sight on the perfect site for you, check their availability and see if they have the dates open that you are looking for.

CAPACITY - When choosing both your ceremony and reception sites be sure that the location is able to hold the number of guests you are planning on inviting. Consideration needs to be given if you are planning on having a sit-down dinner, buffet, band or DJ, dance floor, etc, as this will make a difference to the size of venue you will require.

WEATHER - As much as we don't want to think about it, weather always plays a factor in your wedding day. Be sure that the location you choose is able to accommodate your needs given inclement weather.

ACCESSIBILITY - With all the preparations needing to take place for a fantastic wedding, choose a location that is easily accessible to yourself, your vendors, as well as your guests. Weddings in far off places can be a challenge to everyone involved and also may increase your costs for transportation, etc. This includes ample parking as well.

PRIVACY - If you plan to have a reception in a banquet hall, hotel ballroom or country club, beware that you may not be alone. Often, these venues may have other functions going on at the same time so be sure that you are able to cordon off your own area and ensure privacy.

ATMOSPHERE - A very important consideration in choosing your location is the theme and/or mood you want to create for your special day. Some venues may lack windows and adequate light while others may lack character or elegance. Before you choose your location, make sure it is in keeping with the atmosphere you are trying to create. Not only will you be able to capture the right mood, you will save yourself the added expense of lighting, decorations, props, etc.