Everyone likes chocolate. When you are planning your wedding reception and are thinking of adding something special that will delight and please your guests, one good suggestion is a chocolate fountain. The chocolate fountain is usually a stainless steel fountain arranged in several tiers that have a decreasing diameter as they rise upward. Melted chocolate is placed in the bottom of the fountain and rises through the center of the fountain via a corkscrew type device and cascades in a solid sheet of chocolate down over the tiers.

The fountain acts as a giant fondue and a wide variety of treats can be placed along side the fountain and guests can use wooden skewers to dip the treats into the chocolate flow. The chocolate flows over and around the treat and coats the treat. Since the chocolate is kept in a melted state by an internal heater, when the food is removed from the fountain flow, the chocolate will harden slightly leaving a thin coating. Then the snack is ready to eat.

Fruits of any kind and other snacks like pretzels and marshmallows make excellent choices for the snacks. Cookies and rice crispy treats are also good suggestions. Just about anything that tastes good with chocolate is acceptable except for crumbly type cakes that will break up in the fountain flow.

Units may be rented and most rental companies provide set up and clean up service. Most do not provide the additional food as wedding caterers usually are providing this and will be glad to add fountain snacks to the food package. It may be possible that you are a lover of Hershey Chocolate or Ghiradelli Chocolate, and you may even prefer Lindt chocolates, and you can certainly add them to your wedding food array. The chocolate fountain will provide their own chocolate though, so you do not have to worry about melting down a thousand Hershey chocolate bars to fill the fountain.

The chocolate used in the fountain usually comes in twenty five pound packages which will be enough for up to four hundred guests. The chocolate is a high quality type which contains between 32-39% cocoa butter. This type provides better flow characteristics which makes it better for use in the fountain. If you are a chocolate lover, and most of us are, a chocolate fountain can be a unique and exciting centerpiece for your wedding reception table.