There has been a growing trend at weddings in the last few years of skipping desserts and going for one major attraction, you guessed it, it's the chocolate fountain, it will take some time until people will allow themselves to be cynical about it, because for the moment it seems that even the most grouchy people at any party smile when they see a big chocolate fountain, with real chocolate that is flowing through it as if it was water.

There is no special reason for having this fountain at your wedding, many people had wonderful weddings without a hint of melted chocolate, but this is so much fun and so much out of ordinary everyday life that you should at least consider this, think about it, you will hear the laughs and the joy around you, and it is going to be much more than what you usually hear when people start going to get desserts.

One good thing to know and to plan ahead in case you are planning on getting a chocolate fountain for your event, is that you will need to inform a friend about being the guy who breaks the ice and actually uses the fountain to get some of the chocolate, because many are a little shy, and some are simply afraid to approach the fountain, you need someone to volunteer to do that first step and the rest will follow, and you do not need to worry about it, there will be a line to the fountain all night long, people never have enough chocolate.

If you are thinking about going out and buying one for your event and future events you will need to know what kind of maintenance there is on these kind of machines, as with all fountains you will need to maintain the pumps and the pipes, and you will need to care for the other parts, according to the manufacturers instructions. Buying a chocolate fountain is for the real chocolate enthusiast, or for the party savvy people who will appreciate to have their knockout feature on premises at all times.

For regular, normal people, there is of course the option to rent a chocolate fountain, with the material and the chocolate and a person that will be around to make sure that it works perfectly until the event has ended, this is probably the best solution for most of us.

Some people like to think that they can have only the fountain as a dessert, but this is not necessarily true, you can have some fruit on the side, because they will work well with the chocolate and will give some of your more weight conscience guests a chance to stay clear of the chocolate. You should also make sure that there is plenty of water around, because that chocolate can sure make you thirsty.