Just because you don't live near a beach does not mean you can't have a beach wedding reception. If you do live near a beach, great but with the abundance of beach wedding favors and accessories available there is no reason you can't build a wedding reception that fits your passion and style - even out in the salt flats of Nevada, or the prairies of the Dakota's! And it's true regardless of whether your idea of beach wedding favors include sea shell and sea life themed favors, lighthouse, or sailboat themed wedding favors. Beach wedding receptions are a fun way to celebrate your marriage regardless of where you live.

After the wedding cake, the centerpiece on the master table at the wedding reception is the most important piece of art in your wedding reception. Since sand is common to all beach themes start building your beach wedding reception with a sandcastle sculpture actually made of sand (but firmed with a binding agent to hold your sculpture in place) for the centerpiece of the head table.

For the remaining tables at your beach wedding reception either choose another handcrafted sand sculpture or a candle surrounded by sea shells either chocolate or authentic. You could also use starfish shaped soaps, but probably shouldn't mix the soaps and the chocolates or someone will end up eating a soap - yuck!

Cut your wedding cake with an engraved, beach themed Cake Serving Set. Likewise, serve Hor d'Oeuvres with Hor d'Oeuvre picks topped with seashells.

Finish your beach wedding reception theme with your choice of beach favors to express your love to your friends and family and help them to remember the day they spent at the beach regardless of your location or the season! You could choose place card holders that look like palm trees, flip flops, Adirondack chairs, a summer handbag, a light house, or even a sail boat - and place card holders have the added benefit of letting you stretch your budget by doing double duty in identifying assigned seats as well as being a wedding favor. Or you could choose any number of other beach themed favors such as sailboat tea light holders, shell and starfish salt and pepper shakers, lighthouse wine charms, sea shell themed coasters, flip flop playing cards, miniature beach pails, or sea shell spreader sets.

The possibilities are enormous so mix and match. But most of all have fun with your beach wedding reception. It is after all, your wedding. Make it memorable and make it yours.