It's happened....Your Engaged! You have probably been dreaming about your wedding since you were a little girl. Well now it's time to make those dreams come true and start planning your wedding.

Your very first step should be to plan your budget. To help you get started here is a list of who traditionally pays for what.

Bride and/or Family Expenses

  • Hosts first Engagement Party
  • Cost of any wedding consultants you hire
  • Bridal Gown, veil and accessories
  • Gifts for the bridesmaids
  • Wedding Stationary - includes: Invitations, Thank You notes, Wedding programs
  • Groom's wedding ring
  • Pre-wedding Party and Bridesmaids Luncheon
  • Bridesmaids & Flower Girls bouquets and corsages
  • Photography and/or videographer -
  • Wedding guest book and other small accessories
  • Total cost of the ceremony - includes: location, flowers, music, any rental items
  • Total cost of the reception - includes: Hall, flowers, music, food, beverages, cake, party favors and decorations
  • Cost of transportation for the bridal party to the ceremony and reception
  • Expense of any medical test the bride needs for the marriage license
Groom and/or Family Expenses
  • Bride's wedding ring
  • Groom's family may host an engagement party (should follow any engagement party hosted by the bride's family)
  • The groom's formal wear and all accessories
  • The bride's bouquet and going away corsage
  • Boutonnieres for the men in the wedding party
  • Corsages for all mothers and grandmothers (Including the Bride's Family)
  • Marriage license and officiant's fee
  • Rehearsal Dinner
  • All Honeymoon expenses
  • Gifts for the groom's attendants
  • Cost of any medical tests the groom needs for the marriage license
Bridesmaids / Maid of Honor Expenses
  • Purchase of bridesmaids' dresses and all accessories
  • Wedding gift for couple
  • Hotel accommodations and travel expenses if necessary
  • Shower and/or luncheon for the bride
Best Man and Ushers Expenses
  • Rental of wedding attire
  • Transportation to and from location of the wedding
  • Gift for the couple
  • Bachelor party/dinner for the groom
  • Hotel accommodations when necessary
Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Expense
  • Children's' parents are responsible for the cost of all wedding attire
  • Parents are responsible for any travel expenses (including hotels if necessary)