Money matters more times than not turn into sticky situations. Traditionally, the Bride and her family have the financial responsibility for just about everything surround the big day. Nowadays, that's not necessarily the case. Since times have changed, different couples pay their wedding in different ways.

Trying to be "fair"? Consider splitting the wedding expenses three ways; the bride's family, the grooms family & the bride and groom. If you are taking the traditional approach, see Who Pays for What? to help get your planning started.

Obviously these arrangements must be discussed soon after the engagement and before the heavy wedding planning can begin.

How much is too much?

This is relevant to your situation. Some brides have expressed their ignorance about not knowing how expensive it is to have a memorable wedding. Something to consider when planning a wedding is the location. Wedding in major metropolitan areas will cost substantially more than having a wedding in a small Midwest City. For example, A prominent event planner in the Washington , DC area stated that the average cost for a wedding in the Nation's Capital can easily run $30,000 to $35,000. With that being said, "How much is too much?" is a question that we just can't answer, but we will say that more times that not, your budget will let you know.

Who pays for what…traditionally speaking


•Engagement party
•Event planner
•Bridal gown & accessories
•Wedding stationary & fees (i.e. calligraphy, postage, etc.)
•Grooms wedding ring
•Gifts for bridesmaids
•Gift for the groom
•Bridesmaids bouquets
•Pre-Wedding parties
•Medical exam
•Photography and videography
•Total cost of wedding ceremony and necessary accessories
•Total cost of the receptions
•Transportation for the bridal party


•Rehearsal dinner
•Brides wedding ring
•Gift for the bride
•Honeymoon expenses
•Medical exam
•Marriage license
•Brides bouquet
•Corsages for mother and grandmothers

Bridal Party

•Travel expenses
•Bridal shower paid for by maid of honor and bridesmaids
•Bachelor party paid for by best man and groomsmen

Trying to save money?

Consider taking some DIY (do-it-yourself) projects. Here are some to consider:

•Cake topper
•Card box
•Aisle runner
•Thank you cards
•Reception centerpieces
•Bridesmaids jewelry
•Toss bouquet

Have your big day on a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon. With Saturday being the most popular day for weddings, this could save you a bundle.