Congratulations! Finally you are all set to enter into the wedlock. You have already finalized the date and now you are gearing up to plan your wedding ceremony. And I know, you want the occasion to be the best occasion of your life. For that you don't want to leave anything with imperfection. A wedding planning with assistance of a reputed wedding planner would be of great help in your quest to make your wedding an unforgettable event for not only you and your spouse but all guests.

The first and the foremost thing is to decide what kind of wedding you are planning for yourself. You must be clear about the theme that you would love to assign to your wedding.

Once you are clear about the theme of wedding you need to do your bridal preparation accordingly. Your wedding gown, your shoes and your make up all must gel with the theme. You can visit bridal stores to fetch out all that a bride needs on the occasion.

A theme wedding requires you to choose a venue that could be helpful in actualization of the theme that you have chosen for your wedding.

At the time of planning you would also decide on the type of floral arrangement on the venue. For that you may seek assistance of a florist having expertise in extending wedding services. For a theme wedding you are also needed to be very specific about the bridal bouquet. Orders must be given in advance.

Your groom's outfit preparations should also go hand in hand with your preparations. Your wedding planning also includes the number of guests that you would love to invite and accordingly you need to order invitation card. Seeing expected number of guests you should decide on reception and wedding return favors that you would offer to departing guests.

Decision on a wedding cake perfectly suited to the customized wedding is a difficult task. For that you will have to wander from one confectionery to another. Choose a cake that is in consonance with the personalized theme of wedding.

All wedding accessories must be shopped in advance at least two or three days prior the wedding.

However you must plan your wedding as per you budget so that you may not fall short of finances in the midst of preparations. If you really want the memory of your wedding to be cherished by your guests, you need to be very attentive towards pettiest things of the occasion. Music that goes well with the occasion and a beautiful wedding ambiance can add to the beauty and elegance of your marriage. A wedding poem or a beautifully sculpted wedding speech could turn on your guests.

I suggest you to plan out the best for your wedding. A well planned wedding would result in a perfect wedding ambiance with every thing perfect around. And I am sure you would love to get back to your past to enjoy beauty of your wedding moments.