Do you need to know how to follow proper wedding etiquette? Well I have put together a list of questions and answers below that will help you along the way.

Q: Should I allow my guests input on my menu options?

A:Yes, you want your guests to be comfortable at your wedding and enjoy there selves. Keep in mind of vegetarians too. But, for the meat eaters chicken is a good choice.

Q: Should I purchase wedding favors for my wedding guests?

A:Yes, wedding favors are a nice thank you to your wedding guests. Your guests will always remember your wedding and have a nice keepsake of your special day.

Q: Who should buy the bridesmaid dresses and accessories.

A:The bridesmaids are responsible for all costs that will occur at your wedding. They should pay for their dresses, shoes and all transportation. Although you should give each one of your bridesmaids a nice gift as a nice thank you.

Q: Who should host my engagement party?

A:If you are following tradition than the engagement party is usually hosted by the bride's parents. Although remember it is your engagement party so you can have anyone host as long as you feel comfortable with the person hosting. You should give the person a small gift or take them out to dinner for hosting your engagement party.

Q: How many bridesmaids should I have?

A:5 or 6 bridesmaids is plenty. Although you should have other choices just in case something happens and one of your bridesmaids is unable to be in your wedding.

Q: Should I invite my co-workers?

A:No, you do not need invite your co-workers. Just mention that your wedding will be a small gathering of family and your budget can not meet all needs of such a large wedding.

Q: When should I send out thank you notes

A:3-4 weeks is proper and should be hand written not typed. Include their name and a special note to them.

Q: Should I tip my pastor?

A:Yes, you should give a donation to the church of $100 or more.

Q: I have two fathers in my life should I dance with both of them?

A:You should go with your gut, if you feel this will cause tension by dancing with both of them than just do not do it. Although if you feel comfortable have a full dance with both of them.

Q: Should I mention my bridal registry in my RSVP?

A:No, you should not. A good suggestion to this is to get a wedding website that way you can update all of your information and provide links to your bridal registry.