Considering incorporating a theme into your wedding but are concerned over how time consuming or more expensive having a theme may be? Don't despair, having a theme wedding is easier than you think.

Where to start - The theme should suit both you and your fiancé. Think about what you do together in your spare time. Are you into literature? Do you love to travel or go to the movies? Follow the NASCAR circuit? Even the season when you're getting married can suggest a theme. After you've chosen a theme, think about how much you want to incorporate it into your ceremony and reception.

Having a theme wedding doesn't necessarily equate to being more expensive. The different elements which go into a wedding - ie. favors, centerpieces, music, cake - are present regardless of whether or not there is a theme. Decide if you want to go subtle with just a few theme-related elements, or go all out. Into literature? Select a beautiful love poem (you can't go wrong with Browning, Barrett or Shakespeare), for your ceremony reading. Give bookmarks as favors. If you love to travel, instead of using numbers, name each guest table after a different location you've visited, or plan to visit. For a sea/beach theme, forgo the mints wrapped in tulle by treating your guests to chocolates shaped like seashells. (For the budget-minded, use do-it-yourself candy molds and prepackaged candy mixes). For an Autumn Harvest theme, decorate with bowls of apples, stalks of corn, pumpkins, gourds and pressed leaves.

What remains after the wedding day are the memories, and the photos and video when those memories begin to fade. However because of having a theme, memories will fade slower because of the uniqueness. Your guests tend to remember something for a longer period of time if there is something different about it. After the planning is done and your wedding day comes together, your guests will be delighted at taking part is something different, yet very much reflects you and your groom.