Organization is the key to a happy and blissful wedding ceremony. Family is also very important. The more family is willing to give of their time and create less commotion on what they think should be done, the smoother things will be.

Here are some top suggestions to help you get through your wedding day in one piece:

* Make sure that you have dependable people helping you. Usually the adults in your life are better equipped.

* With all of the preparations up to this day, make sure you have focused on your mate. If you know he or she is truly the one, than everything else really does not matter. You cannot control everything so do not worry about what you cannot change. The weather is the only thing you can do nothing about.

* Make sure the place you are getting married is agreeable to both of you. You do not want to come to that place and your heart is heavy because you do not want to be married here.

* Make sure everyone knows directions to the reception. This should have already been done earlier.

* Be sure that your dress fits and you have help getting dressed. Also make sure that you can go to the bathroom in your gown. The rest room has to accommodate you and your beautiful dress. Usually your mother, sister, or maid of honor has to help you.

* Get all vendor agreements in writing as a contract. Spell out exactly what you want when you make the bookings. Do not wait until your wedding day. Call a week ahead to confirm the agreement.

* For your bridal party, select dependable attendants and give each one a copy of the tentative timeline for the day. Do not have children under three years old to be in the wedding party. If you are unsure of the behavior of the child have one of the attendants walk with the child.

* Make sure your parents know what is going on. Nothing is worse then a groom's mother running around stirring up worry.

* Be sure you can dance in your gown and that your shoes are comfortable. You will be on your feet and you do not want to end your wedding because your feet are in pain.

* Be sure that all your attendants have a ride to the ceremony. Take into consideration the gowns and a limousine is a wonderful consideration if you can.

Have a sense of humor because this will get you in or out of any situation. Personally if you can avoid the alcohol it will avoid a lot of behavior and hopefully any family or friends who do not agree. If you are expected to have beer, wine or alcohol try to control and limit. Remember they are drinking and driving and there is responsibility that has to come with alcoholic beverages. You do not have to have it even though there are those who say you have to. Do what you feel right about. This will eliminate a lot of stress in your wedding day.

Good luck! The best laid plans will always fall apart so just plan the best you can, go with the flow and don't let the bumpy road get to you. You'll get through it!