The great city of Las Vegas is known for many things, mainly casinos, gambling, hotels and Elvis impersonators. From fancy hotels to all you an eat 2 dollar buffets, Las Vegas has everything. Las Vegan is also known for one other thing and that is weddings. Thousands every year flock to sin city to tie the knot trouble free. In this article, we will briefly discuss the institution known as Las Vegas wedding planning.

The phrase, Las Vegas wedding planning is somewhat of a misnomer. The reason being is that someone can show up in Las Vegas and have a halfway decent wedding with no plans at all. Las Vegas also has some of the loosest restrictions regarding licenses. If you are planning a wedding in Las Vegas, you will need a license from the state of Nevada. You shouldn't worry about this fact to much. People have had more difficulty opening a paper sack. AS long as you have proof of identification and the all important 55 dollar license fee. The state of Nevada will happily grant you al license to get married.

The next stage of Las Vegas wedding planning is to find a location. This is where the true beauty of Las Vegas shines because quite literally anything can happen. There are chapels offering the grandest of ceremonies, fir for royalty all the way down to the drive up window wedding for 20 bucks. For an extra 5 dollars you can get fries and a drink with your vows. What ever you desire. Las Vegas is sure to have t for your wedding. Some of the chapels will provide the music, flowers and some even clothes so you literally need to do nothing but show up. Some chapels even loan out the rings.

For someone who wants as little hassle as possible in planning a wedding, Las Vegas could provide the answer. For relatively little money you can get married virtually hassle free and enjoy your honeymoon in one of the most exciting cities in the world. Go to Las Vegas and get hitched without a hitch.