Congratulations on your engagement! Now it is time to figure out your wedding plans. You might need some help. Here is an introduction to wedding planners and what they do.

An Introduction to Wedding Planners

Weddings may seem fairly simple at first, but they are not. Regardless of your religion or even if you don't have a particular faith, there are lots of traditions and issues to take into account. For many couples, it can get very overwhelming, very fast. Using wedding planners is one way to handle everything with a minimum of fuss while also making sure you meet all the traditional expectations of a wedding.

A wedding planner is simply a person who is intimately familiar with weddings, the issues that need to be addressed in a particular type of wedding and the best way to get everything taken care of. They know which vendors to use and which to avoid. One of the most important services they provide is time. As your wedding approaches, your time can be at a premium. Wedding planners can take the burden of handling caterers, the photographer, musicians and so on off your hands. While that may sound interesting now, you will find it is a critical bit of help as the magic day approaches.

Not all wedding planners are created equal. Unfortunately, certain vendors will have a person called a wedding planner on their staff. This person has a conflict of interest. They will try to help you, but know they better deliver for the vendor or they will be out of a job. Avoid these faux wedding planners at all costs. They typically are associated with some service related to the wedding be it catering, the site of the wedding and so on. You want someone that is independent.

To find a legitimate planner, you should look for certain things. First, the proposed planner should interview about all aspects of your wedding. Second, the planner should be able to propose three to five different vendors for the particular need such as caterers and locations for the wedding. Third, the planner should be willing to give you references to other newlyweds that have used their service. Finally, the planner should clearly indicate the exact role they will perform. If it is anything less than handling all issues and problems that arise, move on to the next prospect.

Weddings are joyful affairs, but they can also be hectic. What you should take from this introduction to wedding planners is a simple rule. The wedding planner should deal with the details and issues that arise while you are free to enjoy your magical day.