Your wedding should be one of the happiest days of your life. People now days are abandoning the old traditional weddings for more personal and specialized ceremonies that are a truer reflection of them. Weddings with theme around music, movies and television characters are on the rise. Among these specialized ceremonies, weddings centered on a particular location are also rising in popularity. Destination wedding planning is becoming more and more popular and provides some clear advantages.

You may be wondering, why destination wedding planning? Many people choose a particular destination because of physical beauty and sentimental value to them. Where and what you desire depends on you and you spouse to be.

You may be wondering about licensing laws in particular areas. This may come as a surprise but some of the most beautiful areas in the world Idealic for a wedding have very few restrictions for marriage licenses. The state of Hawaii has no residency requirement and foreigners from other nations are welcome to marry there as well. All you need is identification and the marriage license fee. The island nation of Fiji is quite similar. You simply need to present your passport in person, pay the license fee and you are on your way. Some locations do have residency and visa requirements so before you realize your dream of saying I do at the top of Mount Everest do your homework.

You might be wondering what the advantages are to destination wedding planning. Well 1 is to have the wedding of a lifetime in an ideayllic location the other is economy. Usually, you combine your wedding and honeymoon together. With packages and clever planning you may even save some money.

Destination wedding planning is a way to have the perfect wedding day centered on an ideal holiday spot or an area of great sentimental value. If traditional weddings are not what you want, look into destination wedding planning. It's your big day so enjoy it.