Organizing your wedding should be the most romantic occasion of your lives. But - let's face it - the wedding guests seem to get more attention paid to them than the bride and groom themselves. Hours are spent on who will sit where, what the guests will eat, evening entertainment, writing endless invitations and paying through the nose for the most exquisite venues. This is without mention of the happy couple spending most of their wedding day checking that everyone else is having a great time! This is not to say that good wedding etiquette should be forgotten, but it seems sad that the bride and groom themselves don't get much of the action.

So, how can you be romantic on your wedding day? Well, the best place to start is before the wedding itself. Despite all the stress of wedding planning, make time for each other and do little romantic things each week. You could put 10 notes around the house each with a different reason why you love your partner. Or you could fill the bath with red rose petals and line up romantic candles around it. As you are staring onto space whilst at work, daydreaming about your wedding day, send your partner a string of short emails. Tell them how much you are looking forward to your big day and how you can't wait to be his wife.

On the actual wedding day, you could start being romantic by giving your fiancé a special present and a card. Let him open it on the morning of your wedding day. As much as finances will allow, buy something a little bit special that he can keep and treasure for always.

If you are not spending the wedding morning together [and tradition states that you shouldn't be together] then make sure his favourite cereal/croissant or fruit juice is well stocked up in the cupboard. You can leave him a note to tell him it's there or ask your best man to tell him. This is not only a romantic gesture but a great way of ensuring he has had something to eat!

If possible, arrive at your wedding destination in a certain way so that your fiancé sees you first. Allow him to have a few moments taking in the vision of his beautiful wife-to-be. Exchange a knowing glance with each other that only you two can see.

Look into each other's eyes when you say your vows. It may sound like an obvious one, but it so important to really focus on each other when saying your vows. Make it really clear to your husband that you love him and are making your vows from the bottom of your heart.

Have a romantic kiss when you are pronounced husband and wife. You don't have to go too mad, but a peck on the cheek does not really do the job at this highly romantic part of the wedding. So, make the most of it and indulge in a lingering kiss as a married couple.

Arrange to have a special message delivered to your reception to say ‘Thank You' to your new husband. This could be in the form of his favourite tipple, a bottle of champagne or even some balloons. Despite this sounding cringe worthy, it will be really well received.

Invest in some pretty underwear for your wedding night. This one speaks for itself. Take the time to choose something different and special so that he will be bowled over when you reach your honeymoon suite.

Remember, that your wedding day is just the start of your marriage that you want to last for a lifetime. Being romantic and making each other feel valued will need to be part of your lives, so don't just save it for special occasions. Make every day in your marriage a romantic one and you are guaranteed to have a happy, long and fulfilling marriage.