Have you ever considered arriving at the wedding reception in non- traditional vehicles? Most of the couples don't, but for others they might want to entertain different options when it comes to choosing their type of transportation to reflect their sentiments. In general, the transportation can vary from traditional to magical and even an outrageous.

1- Most of the couples choose to rent a traditional, simple limousine. But once in a while you can see on the streets where a wedding party uses a strecth version of a sport utility vehicle. By the way do you know some of these vehicles have a hot tub, a bar, or even a dance floor? It's outrageous but it's fun. Although limousine companies are beginning to offer more outrageous models, the limousine is still considered to be the most traditional way for a bride and groom and their wedding party to arrive at the reception.

2- Imagine two of you arrive at the wedding reception in a horse drawn carriage. There's a romantic, and somewhat royal flair, is there not? As a matter of fact, a friend of my wife actually had her wedding at DisneyLand just because she wanted to create a fairy tale image that had a feel of magic. For other couples, they just prefer to spend some quiet time by themselves to relax before the excitement of the reception, and a horse drawn carriage is a great way to do that.

3- Some people also get more attention by riding to the reception on a motorcycle. I bet it would catch your attention if you happen to see an elegantly dressed bride riding on the back of a motorcycle. Riding a motorcycle has another advantage. At some reception halls, you may be allowed to drive the motorcycle directly into the hall as you are introduced to the guests.

4- Now if you don't mind spending, an extravagant sports car is another popular way for two of you to drive to the reception. An expensive sports car is always an admired mode of transportation. Remember if you don't own one, you always can rent or borrow. Most sports cars only have seat two passengers so this is an excellent way for the bride and groom to travel to their reception alone because it gives them the opportunity to spend some quality time together before the chaos of the reception. This short amount of time will be greatly cherished by the bride and the groom.

Even though you have a variety of options, each with its own advantages and disadvantages, for arriving at the wedding reception, eventually you have to decide one that suits your own taste and preference.