1.Check bridal magazines and websites for a photographer and take the time to meet with them before the day to discuss your requirements. When it comes to choosing your photographer, make sure that you have a good rapport with them - if you feel relaxed and comfortable with that person, it will show through in the photos on the day.

2.Visit the venue with the photographer and choose some locations and places together where you would like to have pictures taken. Your photographer should be happy to do this prior to your wedding day, especially if they haven't photographed a wedding at your chosen venue before.

3.In the lead up to the wedding, collect pictures from bridal magazines that you like and share them with your photographer. Sometimes this can give the photographer a clearer idea of the style you like and how you'd like to look in your pictures.

4.Practise makes perfect so don't be shy about trying a few poses in the mirror! Once you've mastered a few looks you'll feel confident in front of the camera when the day comes.

5.Hire a good make up artist - it makes all the difference on the day as they will know what 'look' works naturally and photographically.

6.Don't be afraid to move around - leap, jump,skip or even dance! Express yourself...sometimes some movement in the shots can add a real feeling of excitement/action to the pictures. Dancing in the middle of a garden may just sum up exactly how free and happy you are feeling!

7.When you are having your photos taken after the ceremony with you new bride/groom, take the time to think about a special moment you had together, like when you got engaged or a beautiful holiday you shared. Real emotion will show through in the pictures.

8.Smile! Smile with your eyes, not just your mouth.

9.Ask the photographer to capture all the little details as well as the people. You spend loads of time choosing colours, flowers, fabrics, papers, table settings etc....It's lovely to have a keep sake of the small detail that made your wedding so stylish!

10.Be yourself, relax and have fun with your family and friends - after all it's your day! Some of the best photos are the ones you don't even know are being taken.