1. Book wedding photographer early - The best ones are hard to get and may have bookings over a year in advance. (book 6-12 month prior to wedding)

2. Never order the photographer by phone. Meat him/her and get a first hand impression of the photographer. Remember the personal chemistry between you and the photographer is important in making you feel free and relaxed. This will again show in the pictures.

3. Pick 3-4 interesting photographers in the area you are getting married. Surf their web sites. If you are having a theme wedding check if they have experience doing the theme wedding you are planning. Look for sample pictures made at earlier wedding. Be extra observant on the picture quality. Make sure the sample photos are taken by the same person coming to your wedding. And finally - what is your overall feeling. Do you think the photographers style and personal touch will match your wedding picture ideas?

4. Ask for references and use them. Only through firsthand info from other brides will you get real objective critics.

5. If you have a clear plan on how you want the pictures to be - stick to that plan. Don't let other people push you into anything else unless you feel their advice is genuinely a better choice.

6. Use the pre meetings at the photographer well. It is here you lay it all out for him/her. Tell him/her your wishes and ideas for the wedding photos. Bee clear on you wishes.

7. Be aware of the different photo styles and expressions common at wedding of today. .Would you like it classical and simple (black and white pictures could be a great idea.) or maybe big, fluffy and romantic( go with large to everything and prepare yourself for a rollercoaster.)

8. During the photo session it is important that you relax. Be in the moment and focus on each other. Be playful and daring - Remember it is emotions that make a good wedding picture. Don't get stuck up in thinking about how you appear and how the pictures are going to look. THAT is the photographer's job.

9. Sit down with your love one after the wedding and look through the 100 to 150 different pictures taken ( the standard number of pictures photographers take at a wedding session) Look through them several times - put them away and look at them again. Let the Groom pick his favourite picture of the bride and vice versa. Take chances and dare to choose untraditional wedding photos.

10. Have in mind that it is usually not a problem to choose 2 or 3 different pictures styles for the thank you card. This makes it easier to customize the picture cards you send to your family and you know everyone gets a wedding picture that fits them.

I wish you the best for the happy day and all your days to come!

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