Your photographer is a large portion of your budget. Compare at least three photographers for quality, value and price. If Uncle Harry wants to do your photography that is great if he is a professional. If he is not and you don't want to offend him, have him take all your candid shots and leave the more important ones to the professionals.

Provide your photographer with a timeline of your entire wedding from the beginning to end. Assign one person from both the bride & groom's family to help point out important guests and to get everyone gathered for the next shot. Be sure your photographer understands the rules and regulations of taking pictures at your church/ceremony site. By providing a detailed list of moments you would like to have captured will ensure there are no misunderstandings. Most will already have a check list of recommended poses.

Things To Consider When Choosing A Photographer
-Specializes in weddings
-Personal Rapport
-Experience - How many weddings photographed
-Formal, creative/photojournalistic or both
-Quality of portfolio
-Does a pre-visit to ceremony site
-Familiar with Ceremony & Reception sites
-Will he/she be the actual photographer
-Does black and white
-Have an assistant for larger weddings
-Provide a photo CD
-Discusses ownership of negatives and provides it in writing
-How many proofs will be available to choose from

Wedding Photo Album & Parents Album
Your photographer may have included this in his/her package or offer separately for you to purchase at a later date. Whichever you decide protect your photos with an archival quality album to preserve them for years to come. Prints can fade over time and are adversely affected when exposed to humidity so store them in a dark dry place.