If you are the maid or matron of honor then there is one thing that you have to make sure that you get right and that is the planning of the hen do. Some people choose to throw a surprise hen do and others choose to let the bride know that the party is coming. I suggest that either way you don't tell her what kinds of activities you will be partaking in during the hen night. This will keep it exciting and almost like another wedding present.

Every woman deserves one last blowout bash as a single lady, it is just one of those cosmic laws that we all must abide by. The hen do is all about the bride and her friends coming together to have fun like never before. Choose great food and rink, fun and thrilling activities and always throw in some hot guys and you are set. This hen do is going to be one that will be gossiped about for all time!

Keeping a surprise hen do secret can be pretty tough. You may have to use some tricky tricks to keep the real info under wraps. This may mean that you have to mislead the bride, let her think that a certain kind of party is planned while actually doing something totally different. If you are going to go this route make sure that the party she thinks you have planned is boring. You don't want to make the pretend party sound like it would be better than the real thing, you want her to be pleasantly surprised not disappointed!

You may also want to talk to her other friends and family members to get a real good picture of what you should be doing during the hen do. You know her well I am sure but they may have some great ideas that you can use to make the hen do even better than you originally thought it could be. All of the help that you can get is a good ting, and besides if you can get some more people to help you plan it the work will be so much easier to manage! And you will have someone else to blame if things go wrong!

Throwing a good hen do is easy. Just use some of the other ideas already out there. Start browsing around different hen party sights to get a good idea of what other people have done with great success for their own hen do. Drinks are a necessity. You can't throw a hen party surprise or otherwise without plenty of bubbly to go around. This is a celebration after all not a funeral. Your friend is about to start a whole new life filled with love and new adventures, you are celebrating this fact as well as celebrating how great her life has been up to this point. So get out there and throw a hen do that she will cherish the memory of forever. And don't forget the cameras!