The Romans seem to be responsible for starting the concept of a Bachelor or Stag Party, and since the tradition continues up until today, you may find yourself needing to plan and host a Bachelor Theme Party. Some bachelor parties are the classic wild, crazy, get everyone together at the strip club kind of party. It is time honored, it is in some men's mind "expected" and it can be completely harmless. There is something to be said for drinking a lot of booze, playing with the dice or cards, some even plan a quick flight to Vegas in order to ensure the opportunity for a lot of male bonding and no interference from the bride-to-be. If this works for you, great. Chances are, however, that the bride may not be quite as secure as you thought she was, and even though she is saying "go have fun," she is really saying "no, please don't do that." So, what are some suggestions that would still be wild and crazy but perhaps a little lower on the risque meter? Consider these options:

Bar hopping has always been a time-honored tradition, consider one with karaoke to keep things interesting. Do make sure that no one is drinking and driving. Get hotel rooms, designate a non-drinking driver, or make arrangements for taxi service in order to ensure that all are safe after a night of consumption.

Paintball or laser tag or even a LAN party or video game play off can be fun. Halo or other shooter games can make for interesting team sports - and drinking games can be built around shooting percentages to make it even more challenging.

Bungee jumping or sky diving could be an interesting bachelor party outing, although the danger factor is a bit higher. Tickets or a Box at a local sporting event would be an awesome outing too and less dangerous for the groom.

Weekend camping trip with fishing, hiking, and just being "men" is a great way to say goodbye to the single life. Of course, it can also be seen as an initiation into the married life as boys will still need their male bonding time. Start the tradition now and carry it forward as each of your posse also gets married.

Rules of the bachelor party are few and far between: 1) never hold the bachelor party the night before the wedding. It just won't work, and everything will show up on your face in the pictures forever. 2) No drinking and driving - NO EXCUSES. 3) Have a great time. Your life is about to change forever, enjoy the ride.