All male stag night - Your wedding day is drawing near and so is your last night of freedom before getting hitched, so therefore careful planning needs to be administered for a great evening. An all male stag night can and normally does get out of hand if permitted by members of the invited group, and especially more so if they have not been properly prompted with the details and arrangements that have been made prior for their night of entertainment. An all male stag night party is normally associated with a bunch of drunken men waiting to pounce on the groom-to-be before his wedding - and chain him (handcuff) to a lamppost in just his bare essentials. If it is a chilly night then we will have four reddened cheeks feeling the cold - know what I mean.

Entertainment for an all male stag night has changed a lot; tradition has long gone out the window. Men now act like adults instead of young boys who get up to no good i.e. playing tricks on the bloke who is to tie the knot the next day. One tradition that still holds strong is the boozing, because, when did you ever see the groom turn up at his own wedding without a hangover?

Nowadays themes for an all male stag night are becoming increasingly more popular. James Bond is a theme greatly desired. To make the night a success with the dickie bow attire - then a game of roulette in a casino will fit the bill. It is a good idea to give each member of the all male party their mobile phone number; this will help to find each other if you get lost on a pub crawl. Remember, although you tend on having a fun evening - and getting intoxicated is your goal, then you need to be on your best behaviour - purely because you will not be permitted entry into nightclubs if you come across as an unruly mob. Some stag nights are celebrated abroad where the guys get a cheap airline ticket and party the night away on the beaches of Benidorm. This is a great idea and highly recommended for the best man to organise a trip as such for the all male stag night fellows, because, if you get up to no good on the stag night, then no one will recognize you as the chap who went skinny dipping in the sea dressed as - or not dressed as i.e. in the nude.

Other fabulous ideas regarding entertainment for the all male stag night attendees is, go-kart racing and paint balling, but most popular of all which is guaranteed to put an ear to ear smile on the faces of all the men is, a night in a glitzy sleazy lap dancing club.

The bridegroom can expect a severe ear bashing if he does not let his fiancee know of his intentions of going along to a sleazy joint as such. The worst case scenario if the bride finds out from someone else is, where she changes the wedding vows from (I do) to (I don`t). If you are celebrating this event in a venue hall for the all male stag night, then why not consider having a music band perform on stage or better still if you want to have a good laugh - then a stand up comedienne turning the air blue with jokes and gags will surely put every one in great humour and in the mood for having a good time. Oh and one more thing - this may be the last night you ever laugh again once you are married. (Only joking)

Congratulations and good luck, just make sure the best man does not lose the keys to the handcuffs, because, that will definitely wipe the smile off every ones face.