Throwing a Bachelorette Theme Party can take some great organizational skills. Often the guests and the bride-to-be all want to do some sort of dinner at a nice restaurant and then a bar crawl to cap off the night. This can prove to be an exhausting amount of perfect coordination on the part of the Maid of Honor or the designated Bachelorette Theme Party Planner.

First of all, the date of the party should be decided upon. Many will try to plan this party during the week before the wedding because out of town guests may be available to participate. This, however, can be a very bad time to hold a party. Imagine, for instance, that during the night of drinking and debauchery the bride takes a tumble and sprains her ankle - that walk down the aisle is not going to be near as graceful or a pretty. And, what if when she fell she hit her face on the concrete or a table? You got it, a great big shiner for all time and eternity in her wedding portraits. No, plan the get-together at least 2 weeks in advance. If the out-of-town guests want a nice get together, plan a Bridal Tea or something much safer a couple of afternoons before the big day but don't put off the Bachelorette Party that long. There is just too much going in favor of Murphy's Law to risk it!

Planning activities may be restricted by the number of guests the bride wants to invite. Get a guest list as soon as possible (even as far in advance as 3-4 months) so you can anticipate the size of venue you will need to go to and exactly what "type" of people you will be dealing with. Planning a Bachelorette Theme Party can make you feel, more often than not, like a sheep dog, trying to herd the ladies from place to place or from activity to activity. This is especially true if alcohol is involved, so keep some Excedrin and a large bottle of water near by at all times!

Beyond the bar crawl/karaoke night, consider so other less complicated activities. For instance, what about having a spa party/sleep over at your favorite hotel and hiring a personal masseuse to come in and give quality massages to the guests. Then giving each other facials, manicures, pedicures, etc. while munching on room service and drinking margaritas? You could even arrange for a male stripper to visit near the bewitching hour and dance for the group. If money is no issue, how about a quick flight to Vegas to spend an afternoon or two by the pool and to take in dinner and show?

The main rule to planning a successful Bachelorette Theme Party is to create an atmosphere where people can relax and enjoy themselves. After all, this is the coming of age to a more mature life and is the perfect opportunity to start new yearly traditions for you girls to enjoy. Keep everyone safe and remember to have a lot of fun.