Chances are if you are reading this, you are probably a bride, and traditionally organising the hen's night and bridal shower is usually done by a chief bridesmaid or maid of honour. But you never know, they may need some tips and ideas about how to make your hen's night and bridal shower fabulous, or you may be organising it yourself, so let's get started!

Firstly, although many people still opt to hold the hens and bucks nights the night before the wedding, I would strongly advise against this. I don't even want to start on some of the debauched things that happen on bucks nights (don‘t worry though, I'm sure he will be a good boy!) and hens night can get out of hand. You don't want to turn up to your wedding hung-over and still feeling trashed! Also you don't want to marry a man that one has one eyebrow or who is still chained to a sign post! Try to plan for the hens night to occur at least a week out from your wedding day to have some recovery time and so you aren't stressed by last minute organisational tasks that may be on your mind. Some couples like to combine the hen's night and bridal shower into one day, if you are restricted by time, having the bridal shower in the afternoon at home and then heading out for dinner and dancing afterwards can keep all of you female guests, no matter what age, happy.

When organising the hens night, especially if someone else is doing it for you, they need to think about what you would like to do. If being lurched at by a greased up, beefcake stripper is really your ultimate nightmare, then make sure to tell the bridesmaids way before the night. They might think it sound fun, but they aren't the ones getting the lap dance. However if you like the idea then go for it! You need to work out a guest list, date and what sort of party you want, if at all!? Gone are the days where brides seem to be confined to the same hen's night model, wearing a condom veil and going clubbing. There are heaps of other activities that are fun, inexpensive and a little on the alternative side.

•Take the girls go karting
•Organise a scavenger hunt
• A poker night
•Visit an art gallery
•Score some great last minute theatre or concert tickets on the web.
•Go ten pin bowling.
•Have a delicious Bridal Brunch
•Host a Dinner Party
•Head to a vineyard for free wine tasting (just make sure to arrange a designative driver or alternative transport!).
•Create a theme for the day such as chocolate, tour a chocolate factory and then go to an ice cream parlour and eat chocolate sundaes followed by chocolate cocktails at a bar!
•Partake in a high tea at a classy hotel; eat cucumber sandwiches and cakes galore!
•If it is racing season, get dressed up and head out for a flutter!
•Paintball (who doesn't like to shoot each other! Good stress relief!)
•If you can't afford a day at a spa, have your own beauty at home day. Make face masks, use foot spas, paint your nails (good wedding day preparation) and make cocktails!
•Host a ‘who done it?' murder weekend
•Have a group pole dancing class
•Go on a cruise (even the Manly Ferry would be fun!)
•Buy a ‘Hen's Bag', a pre-planned 'party-in-a-bag' which contains a number of hilarious challenges and activities that will keep you laughing all night!

No matter what you do, make sure you have fun. The night is about the bride and groom, sharing a fantastic time with their friends!