The best man will normally be the one to handle all of the planning of the bachelor party. Although all of the other groomsmen should help with some of the planning and payment for the party. As the best man make sure that you take into account of what the groom wants to do without fully giving away all of the details of the party.

Traditionally this is the last night that the groom gets to let loose before taking the plunge and becoming a married man. Below I have put together a list of ideas and events for your bachelor party.

Go to a nice comedy club and have a few drinks and a nice dinner

Watch a magician show

Rent a limousine and tour a city and all of its sites

Take a weekend away and go hunting or fishing

Go on a ski trip

Go to a ball game and rent a hotel for the night

Go play paintball with all of your guy's

Take a nice golf trip

Rent a lakefront cottage for the weekend

Take a road trip and visit all the places you have dreamed of seeing

Take a tour of the White House

Rent go carts for the afternoon

Have a poker night out and a few brews to go along with the poker and cigars

Rent a basketball gym and play basketball

Just remember that this is the grooms party and make sure he is having fun and enjoying his self and please do not humiliate him in any way.